Busy enough as it is? Try our Assessment Service!

The Hogeschooltaal Assessment Service arranges the entire development, administering and marking process of tests for you.

How does the Assessment Service work?

Hogeschooltaal maintains and continually updates an extensive assessment database of summative tests. These are developed on the basis of a test matrix, which satisfies academic standards. There are summative tests for Dutch at 3F and 4F level and for English at the CEFR levels B1, B2 and C1.

  1. Tell us which test you wish to schedule, the date/time and supply a list of participants.
  2. We will set up the test in a secure environment.
  3. After the test, the students have 24 hours to view their results.
  4. The definitive results are made available within three working days.
  5. Students who have passed the test are awarded a Hogeschooltaal certificate.

Needless to say, you can also use the tests as a formative assessment tool.

Use the free intake assessment

The intake assessment gives you a clear picture of your students’ initial level. Additional benefit: students become aware of their true level. In practice, 68% of students do not (or no longer) reach the required intake level. Students who will use the learning module are presented with a learning and exercise package based on the results of the intake assessment.

Please note: the intake assessment is not a summative test.

What do Hogeschooltaal tests cost?

Intake assessments are free for degree programmes that use Hogeschooltaal or that are considering doing so. All students can take part, even if they haven’t (yet) ordered a teaching module.

Formative and summative tests cost € 6,- per student per language or € 9,- for both languages. hese are the costs for the university of applied sciences. For the above price, the university of applied sciences can allow students to take each test as often as desired for a period of five years.

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