Writing Skills

The Writing Skills module consists of step-by-step courses that focus on learning goals. These help students develop writing products relevant for their studies, projects and profession.

Students’ writing proficiency largely determines the quality of the final product. This goes beyond correct grammar and spelling: focusing on the target group, correct structure and writing convincingly and attractively are equally important.

Depending on the degree programme’s language policy and teaching plan, the lecturer determines which courses are relevant and how they are used to teach students. This can vary from “study the teaching materials” to a learning process that ends with: “Now create your own writing product, assess it yourself, ask your peers for feedback and submit it to me.” Each course can be used for a single study hour, but also for 5 to 10 hours, either primarily for independent study or for fully class-based education.

Each course offers study materials, cases based on professional practice, questions and assignments at all Bloom levels and lists with clear assessment criteria.


Writing a summary


Writing a discursive essay

Writing a business letter or e-mail

Writing an application letter and CV

Writing a plan of action

Writing a reflective report


List of stylistic devices


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