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Studenten recensies

Even though you learn basic grammar from an early age, Hogeschooltaal is certainly a good refresher for your Dutch. And I must say that I also learned a lot of new things. Partly due to Hogeschooltaal and extra practice with the Dutch language, I have easily written reports in recent years, without having to think too much about grammar. And the tests we had to take were also quite tough. So it was really of added value for me to purchase that license and practice a lot.

Mastering the Dutch language and grammar remains difficult. Hogeschooltaal provides insight into subjects that I do not sufficiently master. I then concentrated on these topics for the practice tests. This made it easier for me to pass the exam. Hogeschooltaal also helped me during my studies in writing reports and writing my thesis. I don’t have to spend as much time thinking about the foundation and so I am done quicker.

It is important to be able to write proper Dutch. Especially if, like me, you study Communication. I didn’t immediately purchase Hogeschooltaal. I thought I’d get it off the internet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough – and not the right – information online that I needed for my test. After failing my language test twice, I changed my mind and I know that Hogeschooltaal will help me pass my test. Moreover, as a singer-songwriter I write my own music in English. In addition to Hogeschooltaal Nederlands, I am now also doing Hogeschooltaal Engels. Therefore I have everything I need to be able to write my own music correctly and to pass my test for school!

Docenten recensies

I am very happy with the self-study nature of Hogeschooltaal! With this program students can learn languages online in an attractive manner, every study program should invest in that!

I am satisfied with the Hogeschooltaal team (as in previous years), for example, questions from us are always answered correctly, the support is easily accessible (also during test moments); in short, great collaboration!

I think Hogeschooltaal is an excellent guideline to better language education! I notice that the language level increases with Hogeschooltaal. It is also motivating for them to see that they get better with each practice. It’s a good foundation!

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